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Soul's Goals - The art of Detachment

Did you know that when you want something you'll never really have it? Not until you realize that what you want is already inside of you.

Isn't that a bold statement? Please let me explain. Since everything that you perceive in your reality is energy, then that what you desire is already within you at a sub atomic level.

Once you think of something, anything for that matter, that very idea has already manifested within your awareness simply by thinking about it.

Our thoughts, dreams, intuitions and ideas are within your energetic awareness at the 4 dimensional level. When someone says that they are inspired or that they just thought of a brilliant idea. What they are describing when referring to the words "inspired" or "brilliant "are alternate definitions of the word "light".

"Light" is energy. Without it we can not see. The first sentence in the Bible even says. "...let there be light..." Light is illumination. Light is our attention that we cast upon an idea or desire.

Therefore the 1st step to manifesting your wants and desires into your reality is to cast light, to become aware, pay attention or feed energy into your ideas. Embrace them by holding on to those thoughts within your aura at the heart center.

See yourself as already being, having, etc. that what you desire. The way to do that is to "pull your energy back" into your heart. Tell yourself that you already are that what you desire. Verbalize your desires by repeating the incantation "I am attracting (fill in the blank). I am receiving the abundance from the universe. "

The key words within those incantations are the statement "I am". When you use those words you are calling yourself into your energetic system. You become centered and balanced.

In an instant you are manifesting your desires into reality.

More to come. Thank you for reading!

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