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It's all about Energy!

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me since I made this announcement. Many of you booked sessions and I look forward to reading all of you.

Without the pressure of driving to an office, dealing with traffic, etc. I can now set my focus on not only seeing your aura more clearly, but taking the time to fully understand the visions that come through - while I am utilizing the tarot cards. This is especially effective when it comes to tuning into your higher self and making your aware of your subconscious projections as you create your compelling future.

I never needed to be in the same room with your physically in order to tap into your beloveds on the other side. They are not in physical form, so why would I need to be in the same room with you in order to tap into their loving souls'? It's all about energy and the light we project through our auras.

It's always been that way for me. Auras are not only the finger print to your soul they are multilayered and carry information about your past, present, future, your spirit guides, your angels, ascended masters and most importantly your deceased loved ones.

After offering readings in person for over 30 years, I have officially stopped from seeing clients in person. With the advent of the zoom call and being able to conduct phone readings (since I see your aura with my eyes shut) I do not need to access any visual clues in order to conduct a reading.

As long as you are tuned into me and the reading at hand then I can tune into you. The most effective reading you can get from me is when place yourself in a private location where no one can interupt you or distract you from the session.

It's a process and it's subtle. Sometimes the visions don't make sense right away. Sometimes I name people that you have already dated or even married. If that's the case, it means you are still holding on to emotional energy that must be released in some way. The process to heal might be revealed to you during the reading. I'll offer tips, make recommendations, offer referrals or even create classes for you to learn and discover how to empower yourself. Remember the whole psychic process is based on your aura and the energy that is being projected.

Now that I work online and on the phone, I will be able to offer my expertise to students willing to learn about the process of reading and seeing the aura. I will create vignettes on colors and their meanings, do deep dives to explore the subtle human bio-luminence of the energetic field and so much more!

I realize that there are still many people who are convinced that I need to meet them in person in order to read their future and/or to connect to the other side. But that concept is an illusiion. Our auras, our souls are more than just our physical bodies. I know without a doubt I can still connect with your higher self, see your aura and/or connect with your loved ones on the other side by using other forms of communications such as Zoom Video Conference Calls, Texts & Phone Sessions.

If you would like to proceed with booking a reading with me you can always visit my website at

Again, thank you for asking such a great question. I wish you the very best! And always remember, "Reality is what you make it!"

With Love and Light

Psychic Medium

Mary Beth Wrenn

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