Discover your spirit guides and listen to their messages. Allow them to help and guide you during this time of need.


Readings are available in (1) One, Fifteen (15) minute increments up to Six (6)  Fifteen (15) Minutes purchased at one time.  Angel Card Readings are only available online, telephone or through a video conference call.


Angel Card Reading sessions are excellent for those looking for guidance from their higher selves, their spirit guides or from the angelic world. (i.e Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Teachers & Spirit Guides). These sessions are not be confused for a Spirit Medium Reading - where I connect to your loved ones (friends/family) on the other Side or Future Focused Readings (that help you create a destiny map based on intuitive predictions).


You do not ask questions when it comes to the Angelic & Spirit Guide sessions.  They are  deep channeled communications from your  High Self, Angels & Spirit Guides. You will receive guidance pertaining to how you interact with your love life, career, business decisions and purposeful empowerment. The angels can see your aura. They see who you really are and the light that beams through your auric field.


Psychic/Medium Mary Beth taps into your vibrant energy field, revealing your subconscious future focused projections back to your awakened conscious self in the present moment. Questions are hardly needed other than to be validated or to check it to see if information coming back to you is making sense. Because the Angels see your halo as Iit is often referred to as your aura.


Angel Card Readings

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  • All readings are recorded and are sent to you as an mp3 file. Instructions on how to download these recordings will be sent to you when the recording file is uploaded.


    All Sales are Final. No refunds are made once the session begins. A refund is only issued if you able to give us at least 48 hours notification of your intent to cancel so that we can fit another client in your place. We will make every effort to help you reschedule your reading.

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