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It's that time of year again!  Black Friday til Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Certificates are available for a very special price!  For one weekend only,  purchase (4) thirty minute gift certificates for $500!  That's $100 off the normal rate of $600 if you bought (4) thirty minute psychic readings at $150 each!  


Give the gift of the future or a connection to the other side.  Perhaps even purchase these specially priced gift certificates for yourself.  


One set of $500.00 consists of (4) thirty minute gift certificates.  So if you wanted to purchase (8) thirty minute gift certificates you would purchase 2 sets of (4) four gift certificates.  



       Quantity of One = (4) thirty minute gift certificates = $500 

       Quantity of Two = (8) thirty minute gift certificates = $1000 

       Quantity of Three = (12) thirty minute gift certificates = $1500 



This special priced gift certificates are available until 12/31/2019 at 11:59pm pst. 

Holiday Gift Certificate Sale

  • 1. All sales are final

    2.  Gift Certificates are individually numbered and are sent to the purchaser of the product. 

    3.  Readings are consider for entertainment purposes only. 

    4.  Recordings of sessions will be provided free of charge in an mp3 format. 

    5.  Two gift certificates can be combined into one session when the person requests both a future reading and a message(s) from the other side reading.  

    6.  Gift Certificates must be redeemed within two years from date of sale.  

    7.  Gift Certificates can not be redeemed as a cash sale and hold no monetary/currency value.