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Individual Readings - Future Focused and/or Connections from the Otherside - Medium Readings

Private Sessions

I couldn't think of a better way to spend your time with me but to get a private one on one consultation. You will discover what's to come in the your future. Questions pertaining to your love life, career & destiny will be discussed. You will discover your hidden intuitive abilities, perfect your purpose and connect with your loved ones on the otherside.

Your Life is a Direct Reflection of Your Heart's Projection.

My Purpose is to help you become aware through education, empowerment & information that your aura is your unique energetic signature. Through the aura I can help you hone in on your own innate intuitive gifts and how you can apply them to your everyday existence. Everyone has an aura including those who have crossed over, your beloved pets, your spirit guides, angels, plants and even inanimate objects!

Your future is created by the energetic projections through your aura that you create in the now! By accessing this projected energy I can tap into your past, present & future when it comes to love,
romance, direction, career, business decisions, guidance & purpose in your life. My number one goal is to help you become aware the magnificent person that you really are and how you can apply this knowledge to your every day life! We are born awake now let me help you become aware!

The aura reveals to me what is closest to your heart, your birth given talents and personality traits. It can show me the health and well being of your system, and it can even reveal the types of careers that suit you best!

And here's something fascinating...

I have discovered over the years that your loved ones who have passed to the other side, connect to us through these energetic fields - conveying messages of love and letting you know that they never left your side.

Sometimes I will use the Tarot Cards in a reading but they are simply a tool that I use to help clarify the intuitive messages that I am receiving to enhance the overall session.

A private individual session will hep you discover answers to your questions pertaining to love, romance, business & finances. Express your purpose when you realize that it is actually you that creates your own reality.

I See the Future to Empower You in the Now!

Sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes. While I try to accomodate your desire to connect to the otherside and read your future all in one sitting, I find it much more effective if you choose one service over the other. I also allow others to sit in session with you for your Messages from the Other Side Medium Sessions but there is an addiitional fee for each person in attendance (up to 4 people). I highly discourage others to sit in with you during a future reading. Because if their energy is stronger than yours, I will read their energy - thinking it's yours. So to get a more clear, concise future reading I highly recommend that you sit in session alone.

I have three different locations to choose from for in-person sessions. We can meet either at my Charlotte or Mooresville, offices or at my home in Kannapolis. I also conduct sessions online and on the telephone. All readings are recorded for your convenience with no additional fee.

Private Sessions: Service

You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions
Payments & Procedures

Q: How and when do I pay for my appointment?

A: Once you book an appointment online, we well receive a notification of your request.  We will then issue you an invoice for the entire amount. You have 48 hours (2 days) to complete the payment procedure to lock down your appointment time. Once the payment is noted to your account, you will receive a payment confirmation email containing detailed directions to the location or instructions for telephone and/or video chat sessions

Q: Can I split the session cost with a friend if we were to purchase the 1 hour session or longer?

A: No. Those special prices are one person who desires to delve in deeply to their spiritual journey pertaining to love life, career and destiny. If you choose to bring a friend then I suggest that you purchase two 30 minute sessions.

Psychic Readings & Medium Sessions

Q: Can more than one person sit in my future reading?
A: No. I am very sensitive to energies. If you invite a friend to attend your private session - if their energy field is stronger than yours, I will easily pick up their energy and confuse it with yours.

Q: Can more than one person sit with me during a Medium Session - where I'm connecting to my loved ones on the other side?
A: Yes! There is a nominal fee of $75 for each person up to 4 more people at attend a session with you. All that I ask is that they are familiar with your family & friend that you wish to connect to on the Other Side.

Understanding the Process

Q: Why do I have to wait at least 45 days or longer before I reach out to the other side?
A: Connecting to the Other Side is a subtle process of recognizing the energy signatures of those who have passed on. Forty Five days is really for the living's sake to calm the emotional heart & mind of the bereaved so that the individual can communicate effectively to their loved ones still here.

Q: Can I request to speak to a spirit specifically?
A: Unfortunately I do not work that way. I am an open channel for those on the other side who have the desire to speak to you. Often times the person you desire to connect with is joined by others who have been dead longer, by first appearing and conveying their message of love. Once their message is conveyed they 'hold the light' for the spirit you wish to communicate with. It's a very loving and healing experience for all involved, especially for us in the living world.

Classes, Workshops, Galleries & Private Events

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