How do Phone & Online Readings Work?

Someone recently asked me how a phone or an online reading works as to compared to an in-person session?  That's a great question which is asked a lot. 


I do not need to reference to the physical nuances of a person to read their energy field.  LIke I say in my banner above "Your aura is my medium." Well it is. 

I see energy fields on everything.  It's just a thing I do. I'm wired this way and honestly I thought everyone sees the aura too whether eyes open or shut.  

I have a developed a language of color all to myself.  Even the textures, hues, densities and shades communicate a language that I interpret for the seeker.  I believe that everyone 'creates the reality that they live in'. If something is not working out in their loves albeit love relationships, career paths, etc,  the common denominator is themselves and how they project their own energy into the situation at hand.   

So let's take a look at the example of a television set.  A TV set is a medium. A Cell Phone is also a medium. Your aura is a medium.  A TV set is not actually sitting in the front row of a situational comedy being filled in Los Angeles, CA.  

A TV set is a RECEIVER of coded light information.   It picks up on the transmitted broadcast from the transmission device whether it be a head-end of a national network or from a satellite orbiting the Earth.  That signal which is being broadcasted is likened to your consciousness and subconscious awareness.  You unknowingly transmitt these signals through an energetic projection called the Aura.  

Psychic Mediums can sense the Aura.  I refer to word sense as accessing all 5 typical senses only that they are heightened by an awareness factor of clarity.  That is why Psychic Mediums are Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clarisentient, etc.  

Our heightened awareness of world helps us hone in on those who desire a connection to the other side or a prediction reading.  In order to help us with this phenomenon we ask of the querent (the person seeking knowledge) the following: 

(this was taken directly from an email that I sent a client this morning concerning phone, online and even in person readings).  

''Let's make this reading the most effective that it can be.  In order to do that. I need you to be in a quiet place where there will be no outside distractions.  You must be calm, stress free state of mind.


Create 3 specific questions in reference to matters of your heart i.e.:  love, work, health. Set a prayer of positive intention for clear and concise detailed information to be fully understood and implemented into your life.


Take a deep breathe and get ready to receive  the information no matter if it makes sense or it does not (at the time of the reading).  Because it will later on as time unfolds upon itself.  

Please email me if you have any questions about the process. with Love and Light Psychic Medium Mary Beth Wrenn''

You see, it's just as important for the querent to be of clear mind with a stated intention as much as the psychic who is receiving the information.  So just like a TV set that receives the information from a designated channel. The broadcast transmission (you) must be free of interruptions. Otherwise the signal will be out of alignment and not well received.  

In this case it "takes two to tango".  You the person receiving the reading must quiet your mind, ease yourself away from distractions and be completely focused on the reading session.  (side note: that's one of the top reasons folks like to see me in person - because they are not tempted by distractions). The psychic medium must also be in a place of mind where there are no outside distractions as well.  

We are both receiving and transmitting psychic information to help you make better choices about your future and to know without a doubt that your loved ones are always around you.  

I hope that helps answer the question about how a reading takes place between a querent and a psychic medium, especially when it is conducted on the phone and online through a video conference call.  

Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Psychic Medium

Mary Beth Wrenn

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