How do Phone & Online Readings Work?

Someone recently asked me how a phone or an online reading works as to compared to an in-person session?  That's a great question which is asked a lot. 


I do not need to reference to the physical nuances of a person to read their energy field.  LIke I say in my banner above "Your aura is my medium." Well it is. 

I see energy fields on everything.  It's just a thing I do. I'm wired this way and honestly I thought everyone sees the aura too whether eyes open or shut.  

I have a developed a language of color all to myself.  Even the textures, hues, densities and shades communicate a language that I interpret for the seeker.  I believe that everyone 'creates the reality that they live in'. If something is not working out in their loves albeit love relationships, career paths, etc,  the common denominator is themselves and how they project their own energy into the situation at hand.   

So let's take a look at the example of a television set.  A TV set is a medium. A Cell Phone is also a medium. Your aura is a medium.  A TV set is not actually sitting in the front row of a situational comedy being filled in Los Angeles, CA.  

A TV set is a RECEIVER of coded light information.   It picks up on the transmitted broadcast from the transmission device whether it be a head-end of