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You Are Not Alone

You are Not Alone

Let me say that again. “You are not alone.”

It’s the number one message I hear coming from the other side of the rainbow bridge that we here in the living world often forget. Oh sure, there will be and I’m sure there have been many days where you have felt lonely. But I must remind you again. It’s our choice with what we do with our awareness that distinguishes whether we are alone or whether we are lonely.

Grieving folks feel this acute sense of loneliness after the initial shock of the death of our loved ones occur and it’s six months or so past the day that they passed away. It’s when the raw feelings of being alone set in. That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Numerous times I have heard the messages from the Other Side tell me that they are standing right beside their loved one. Sometimes they are holding their hands, other times they stand behind them wrapping their loving soul’s energies around their counterpart’s physical bodies.

Those who have crossed over into the spirit world have explained to me that it’s very difficult to create a physical manifestation so that their living companions can know that they are there.

That is why the use of a psychic medium is very helpful.

Sensitives such as myself pick up on the subtle higher frequencies of soul consciousness awareness. We are able to tune into the deceased loving soul and communicate to the living what the deceased wants to say. It’s the loving support message that we, in the living world must be reminded often and that’s “we are not alone.”

The sheer realization that your loved one will not be with you in the physical form can be utterly lonely but it doesn’t mean that you are alone. This is a very difficult time for anyone going through the grieving process. Your core beliefs are tested as you step one foot in front of the other into the future. Each step may feel shaky at first but as time goes by, you connect with others who are still alive and are with you. You will begin to grasp on to life again and feel what life is worth really living.

Your loved ones on the other side have never left your side during your grief and recovery process. Even though you might not see them in the physical form, just the sense of absolutely knowing that everything will be ok, can set your heart and soul onto a path way to healing. Though you might not recognize it now but you are not alone and never will be.

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