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Titus Steel

TITUS STEEL began business in 1957 working from a small warehouse and office in Toronto Canada. The company supplied Wear Steel Castings to the construction and mining industry. Shortly thereafter, arrangements were made with a local steel mill to roll a variety of Grouser Bars which were sold to the construction industry to rebuild crawler tractor pads.

titus steel

Over the years, a number of exceptional wear and impact resistant products were added including Manganese and ENDURA wear plate and bars, sourced from specialty steel mills in Europe. Armor plate is sourced from northern Europe and a number of exclusive mold and die steels are sourced from Japan.

Fig 2: Bending (successive folds)No other competitor offers wear resistant steel at this level of hardness 500HB, with such high abrasion resistance combined with high resistance to cracking in service!

Wear resistance depends not only on the hardness of the steel at delivered state, but also on other properties, such as crack resistance, work hardening effect, strength, ductility, softening resistance, etc.

The performance in service of given wear resistant steel is strongly influenced by the microstructure obtained after thermal processing. In the case of Endura Dual, a significant improvement of the wear resistance in service is mainly due to the following properties:

Chemical composition of ENDURA Dual, and specially chromium, molybdenum and huge titanium contents, give a high softening resistance to the material. This property allows using ENDURA Dual in hot service conditions, at a maximum of 450C (840F) while conventional 500 HB water quenched steels are limited to 250C (480F).

Whatever service conditions are, the original metallurgical concept of Endura Dual gives the material an improve of its performance in terms of wear resistance and process ability, compared to other conventional 500 HB water quenched steels, especially for extreme applications, where severe abrasion conditions are combined with huge impact, heat or moderate corrosion.

The properties of ENDURA Dual clearly indicate that this steel has many potential applications where an extreme abrasion resistance combined with high resistance to cracking is required in service, such as:

Chronic instability of anterior chest wall is a known complication following the minimally invasive right parasternal approach for valvular heart operations. The exact incidence of this condition, as well as the need for reoperation, has not been well documented. We report the first case of successful correction of unstable anterior chest wall in a 33-year-old lady after she underwent atrial septal defect closure through right paramedian approach eight years ago. The repair consisted of interposing iliac crest bone graft in the defect created by deficiency of the 3rd and 4th costal cartilages and anchoring the graft using steel wires.

He sat erect in his seat with the determinationand strove to fight down the demands which hiswasting had made so steely strong. He feltfor his cigarette case. It was empty, but thetobacco pouch held a supply, and as he walkedtoward the smoking compartment he dustedsome of the weed into a rice paper.

Jed, aroused, rubbed his sleepy eyes and lightedhis pipe. He put on his steel-rimmed spectaclesand took down the greasy, cornerless deck ofcards to shuffle them slowly, with method, asthough it were a rite.

The stallion's pace began to slacken. Hewearied. The bellows lungs, the heart of steel,the legs of tireless sinew began to feel the strainof that long run. The run waned to a gallop,and the gallop to a trot. There his breathingbecoming easier, he blew loudly from his nostrilsas though to distend them farther and makeway for the air he must have. 041b061a72


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