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Kpop Games: Find Your Perfect Match with This Dating Simulator

TicToc KPop Fashion is created by Go Panda Games, an indie developer studio based in South Surabaya, Indonesia. They have many other cute games on Poki: Funny Puppy Emergency, Yummy Taco, Funny Cooking Camp, Funny Camping Day, Funny Travelling Airport, Funny Throat Surgery 2, Yummy Waffle Ice Cream, Cooking Korean Lesson, Funny Pet Haircut, Funny Puppy Dressup, Funny Kitty Dressup, Funny Nose Surgery, and Hipster vs Rockers

kpop games

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Whether you have one favorite group or you just love K-Pop in general, you might be looking for games that have been directly inspired by that world. Thankfully, there are tons of enjoyable titles that you can easily sink hours into while getting songs stuck in your head.

Buried Stars is distinctly different from other games with a K-Pop theme as it is a mystery visual novel with plenty of interactive elements that determine what ending you get. Set during a live audition show gone wrong, you must figure out who is behind the mysterious and violent events before things get worse.

Idol Popstars is very forgiving if you are new at management sims, and uses a very cute art style that is not too harsh on the eyes. This is for players who want some mini-games mixed in with the usual management mechanics introduced in a less intimidating manner.

Since the dawn of touch screens, there have been plenty of amazing rhythm games for mobile. Dalcomsoft decided to bank on that and craft its own universe of rhythm games with all manner of artists. The SuperStar series has many entries, so you can choose which game to download depending on the specific K-Pop star or entertainment company you like.

Monthly Idol is arguably one of the most well-rated idol agency games you can find, and it also has the most downloads on both Apple and Google Play stores. You have five years to turn your small entertainment agency into a globally renowned one, all while you turn your rookie group into an international sensation.

Sachi tries to reserve most of her energy for cat memes and pointless debates on pizza cheese consistency. Professionally, she has been creating content for various brands, agencies, and Filipino publications since 2015. If she's not playing video games, she's trying to write about them. Go figure.

The "Pop/Stars" music video received 5 million views within 24 hours of its upload to YouTube, breaking the record at the time for the most viewed K-Pop debut group music video within 24 hours of publishing, a record previously held by "La Vie en Rose" by South Korean-Japanese girl group Iz*One.[23] The video continued to garner views, receiving over 13 million views within 48 hours,[6] when the video trended on the site.[17] On April 2, 2019, the music video reached 200 million views.[24] Benjamin Pu of NBC News wrote that "The song's popularity highlights just how much of a cultural force video games have become in South Korea and around the world."[25]

Steven Asarch of Newsweek compared K/DA to the K-pop girl group Blackpink.[29] Lucas Lockyer of Dazed called K/DA a mix of "Girls Generation meets Little Mix and Hatsune Miku" and asked if the band was "leading the virtual pop future", where "what was essentially some creative promotional marketing could be the forefront of an interesting new branch of pop [...] Perhaps with developed AR technology, the characters could tour in hologram form without the physical appearance of the singers behind them."[1] When asked about whether this would be possible with a holographic concert or augmented reality technology Viranda Tantula replied that "that could be super fun. But before we'd even consider that, we'd realistically want to make sure there was enough quality music to support it, and a good reason for us, a games company and esports league, to try that out."[5] "Pop/Stars" was also added as a song to the virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber as a free download.[30]

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Jennie also plays Overwatch with her and Jisoo being quite good at the game, and very competitive. Rose and Jennie have also played their fair share of games on Nintendo Switch, though we know a little less about what exactly they like to play on the Switch.

Monsta X and VIXX both have members that play video games. Examples include Minhyuk and I.M. from Monsta X and Hongbin, Ken, and Leo from VIXX, all of whom have been vocal about their love of video games in past interviews.

Several members of TWICE play games on Nintendo Switch in their free time with Mina, Nayeon, Jihyo, Momo, and Jeongyeon all confirmed to be playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now according to a tweet from @misayeon.

Adding to his love of gaming, Heechul and fellow Super Junior member Shindong got together to host a variety show called Legend Club. The goal of the web show is to invite special guests on and have them play games on PC like Apex Legends.

As you can tell by the title, K-pop should be on Just Dance 2015 and as well as other respectful dance games. Kpop world has been shunned in Just Dance and never got a chance at realizism. Dance central has One Kpop track and has set the records hifh up with "I am the best". Here are some of my reasons why kpop should be in just dance or dance games in general

Riot Music Group creates music-driven experiences across numerous spaces in the Riot-verse, including the games themselves, entertainment mediums outside of working titles, and in the esports scene. When talking about the road leading up to K/DA's success, Dunn tells us, "Over the past few years, we've introduced various musicians from our music universe to our players. This includes everything from pop, K-pop, hip hop, and more. Our teams have experimented with music and have explored different ways to bring music to life, our music collectives, and the individual artists, as well as our league of legends champions that have been reimagined as modern-day musicians and performers. Our hope is to one day have a thriving music universe that fans can interact and engage in unique ways. And for us, music is key. All of this is in service of creating lasting memories and pop culture moments that resonate with players and fans alike."

Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel are not just Disney Princesses and best friends, but they are all three also really big fans of K-Pop, one of the biggest genres of music at the moment all over the world, and when a K-Pop band came to their city to do a concert, they knew that they had to go, and they will, right in this game. For this great event they want help in dressing up as nicely as possible, which is what you will do in this game, something that we teach you how to do right here and now, so make sure to pay close attention! For each of the three girls, you are going, to begin with, doing their makeup. Click on the makeup products and cosmetics, applying them with the mouse however you see fit. Then, go through the wardrobes of each girl, browsing their clothes, accessories, haircuts, and footwear, which you will then be able to mix and match together however you see fit, resulting in a great look for the girls. What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin now, and when you are done here, make sure that you check out even more great games that are coming for you today, all of them worth giving a chance as soon as they appear!

One aspect of South Korean culture becomes very apparent after a few days in the country: the drinking culture is pretty developed. Alcohol made in South Korea is cheaply available in most convenient stores, and drinking establishments are open late at night/until early morning. South Koreans use alcohol to socialize and have developed many drinking games to do so. These games are especially popular among college students and in the army.

The Mafia Game is one of the best and funniest games played by some of our favorite K-Pop idols and groups. The chaotic energy that follows throughout the game and idol's reactions are always funny and entertaining to watch, Here are some of our favorite editions of the game on YouTube.


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