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Buy Second Hand Truck

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9909 used trucks are available at Truck Junction. Find verified used trucks, tippers, mini-trucks, pickups and other commercial vehicles for sale in India. Find second hand trucks for sale across top brands such as Tata, Eicher, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and more. View complete contact details for sellers and details of old commercial vehicles for sale in India only on Truck Junction. Here you can get old trucks, old pickup trucks, and many more. The most popular used trucks in India are Used Ashok Leyland 1616 Trucks, Used Eicher 11.10-xp Trucks, Used Eicher 10.95 Trucks, Used Eicher PRO-1050 Trucks and many more. Get a fair truck second hand price below. Effortlessly find out at Truck Junction used trucks for sale in India.

Inspect a used truck for rusting first. While rust is inevitable and can be only just a cosmetic issue, rust in certain parts of a vehicle could be a sign of serious damage, as in rust in the floor pans, frame rails, wheels, muffler, and exhaust pipes. Check also if some parts of the body appear disproportionately new to the rest, as it could have been replaced recently following major damage.

The general rule of thumb when buying automobiles is the lower the mileage, ideally, the better. This means that you still have quite a distance to travel on your used truck. A good range for secondhand trucks would be below 100,000 miles for gas engines, and below 200,000 miles for diesel engines. If the mileage tallies higher numbers, check it against the condition of the truck.

Inspect the vehicle for cracks. Small enough cracks can be negligible, but big damages should definitely alarm you. Windshields get the most damage, and a few crack types to watch out for are the stress crack or damage that occurs not as a result of an external force hitting the glass, but because of more alarming, internal factors like overheating from the sun and the vehicle suddenly being exposed to very cool temperatures. Cracks as a result of impact are also more susceptible to worsen over time, so any damage to the glass should be properly noted in your inspection. At the very least, chips to the glass can help you score a discount for when you do decide to go with the truck.

The tires also show the kind of drivers that had handled the car and can alert you to other potential problems. For instance, aggressive drivers would have worn down the front wheels, which could compromise its quality. Tires generally overinflated will have a more battered middle part, while underinflated tires will have more sustained more damage on the sides. The point is that if the tires are showing damage, ergo, a reflection of bad driving, there might be other issues with the vehicle as well.

If your business depends on a particular type or specification of forklift then you should probably not take a chance on a used truck. Choosing a used truck increases your risk of breakdown, so before buying, ask yourself the following questions:

When quoting used trucks, some dealers will quote based on what they hold in stock rather than trucks specifically suited to your application. By contrast, dealers will often detail the optimal truck for your operation when quoting for a new machine.

Likewise, always choose the most reputable dealer in your area. Just as your truck should be reliable, so should your dealer. To find those best suited to the needs of you and your business, always ask for references.

Forklift trucks should always be inspected and given a test run prior to purchase. This is especially important with the rise of trucks being purchased online. Some engineers are reporting growing problems with trucks purchased in this way.

As part of your own inspection, try this simple test on an IC engine truck: park the truck on a clean area of floor, then run the truck for around 10-15 minutes. During this time, have a qualified operator operate all of the hydraulic functions.

Finally, move the truck away and look on the ground to see if there are any tell-


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