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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson

SU - After Breakfast Competition - Oliver Beck,... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Hayley and Tara are up first and sing "Number One" by Ginger Fox, showing that they're not particularly talented singers. When they perform, the Hollywood Arts gang is shocked to hear how bad Hayley and Tara sing. Next, Cat and Jade then counter with "Give It Up" next and make their school proud by showing off how well they can sing in comparison to Hayley and Tara. Even though the crowd enjoyed Cat and Jade's song more, the owner of the karaoke club comes out to announce that the winner is Hayley and Tara. It's revealed that Hayley and Tara won because the karaoke club owner is Hayley's dad and is the main reason why the competitions are rigged. Rex, Beck, Jade, André, and Cat all express their outrage at the competition being fixed, but even with other crowd members booing his call, Hayley bans Cat and Jade from ever singing at Karaoke Dokie again. The gang, furious, declare that they're leaving immediately... but only after finishing their food.

SU - After Breakfast Competition - Oliver Beck,...

The next day, Tori is sleeping on the couch after she had to deal with the torture of taking care of Trina. Her friends come over with frozen yogurt to cheer her up. After André, Beck, and Robbie come to check on Tori, Cat and Jade also visit to tell her about they lost to Hayley and Tara during the singing competition at Karaoke Dokie. Upset with how the competition was rigged, Cat tells Tori about Jade's plan. With Jade stealing Beck's car keys so he can't leave the house, the girls leave the boys to take care of Trina and get their plan underway. For André, Beck and Robbie, taking care of Trina also proves to be difficult for them. After Robbie puts salt water in Trina's mouth, Trina bites Robbie's nose and fights off the three. 041b061a72


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