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Cooper Anderson
Cooper Anderson

A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps (2010)l

In late November of 1923 readers of the Chicago Tribune, the city's leading newspaper, were confronted with a large advertisement (Fig. 1). It promised "tragedy--freedom--beauty--love--passion" and much more if only they would read Chickie, a work that would recount "The Story of a Chicago Girl and the Wheel of Life," a narrative that would explain, "What is life and love bringing to girls of today?" and a tale that would begin appearing next Monday in the Tribune's afternoon rival, the Chicago American. (1) By examining this story and its later filmic adaptation, we can better grasp the interaction among popular literature, silent film, and the fluid genres that connected them in the 1920s.

A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps (2010)l


This list clearly doesn't reflect my actual director preferences and proves that often my ratings produce results which don't reflect my tastes; nonetheless it is a useful guide to the directors / films I like.

Criteria for films: The films that count towards a director's filmography on the list must be feature-length. All shorts are excluded. This therefore includes fictional films, documentaries, anthology films, and student films providing they are of feature length. TV films are decided at my discretion based on the context and international release. Directing partnerships count as one slot, even if one director has a few solo efforts (e.g. the Coen brothers), but if I have seen solo efforts from both directors I will list them separately. 350c69d7ab


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