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World of Subways 2: U7 Berlin - Features, Tips and Tricks

Worldofsubwaysvol2crackdownload: How to Enjoy the Longest Subway Line in Berlin

If you are a fan of subway simulators, you might have heard of World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin, a realistic and immersive game that lets you experience the longest and most exciting subway line in Berlin. However, you might also have trouble finding a working copy of the game, as it is protected by a PCD system that requires an activation code. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Worldofsubwaysvol2crackdownload, a cracked version of the game that bypasses the PCD protection and lets you play the game for free.


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What is World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin?

World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin is a subway simulator that was released in 2009 by TML Studios. It is the second installment of the World of Subways series, which introduces famous subway lines around the world to all subway enthusiasts. World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin features the route U7 of Berlin's subway, which runs from Spandau to Rudow and covers 31.8 km (19.8 miles) and 40 stations. It is not only the longest of all Berlin subway lines, but also the line with the most stations and the longest journey time.

World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin offers many features that make it a realistic and immersive simulation, such as:

  • Animated display monitors at stations.

  • Realistic shift service to schedule.

  • Intelligent and custom announcements.

  • Passenger volume depended on time of day.

  • Simulation of wear and tear caused by style of operation.

  • Extensive scoring system.

  • Custom setting of destination display during operations.

  • Customizable light settings on train.

  • Opening doors controlled by the player.

  • Train vibration and swings.

  • Intelligent AI traffic operating to real schedules.

  • Configurable key commands.

  • 3D cockpit with rotatable camera.

  • Free movement inside the train.

What is Worldofsubwaysvol2crackdownload?

Worldofsubwaysvol2crackdownload is a cracked version of World of Subways Vol. 2: U7 Berlin that was released by Reloaded, a group of hackers who speciali