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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Ilana Villanveua

(Dub) 5 : The Lady's Training Session, With The...

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(Dub) 5 : The Lady's Training Session, With The...

Master Alchemist: Though self-taught, Izumi is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable alchemist, excelling in both alchemical research and combat using the conscious manipulation of matter and natural energy. Her specific style of alchemy seems to focus more on her immediate surroundings and how to most conveniently use them to her advantage, from creating a wall to control the overflow of water, knocking out opponents by disrupting the flow of ions in their nerves, to restraining and punching individuals by manipulating earth and stone. She also shares Edward's preference for creating metal weapons in combat, such as forming large spears as well as wielding them with incredible proficiency. She is also capable of alchemically throwing spikes with enough force to topple a large column.

Later in the series, while in hiding from the State Military, Izumi stays at Dante's house after she was apparently murdered by Greed to investigate the mysteries behind her former teacher because of Izumi's questioning that she may have been hiding something which is why she had secluded herself to living away from civilization. Izumi uncovers a mysterious letter addressed to Ed's father Hohenheim that is dated back 400 years ago and showed Ed after he arrived and mentioned that the word Hohenheim was the only taboo word during her training. This information would help Ed discover Dante's true identity. Izumi later came to Ed's aid after the Homunculi kidnapped Al, and helped him raid Central Command in order to find Pride. Eventually, when Colonel Frank Archer, the man who Izumi briefly met at the military headquarters in South City with half his body outfitted with automail, shows up to stop them, Izumi volunteers to remain behind to fight him. However, due to a combination of the firepower from Archer's automail and her failing health, Izumi is outmatched. After rejecting Archer's offer to becoming one of his subordinates, Izumi is nearly killed, until 2nd Lt. Maria Ross and Sergent Denny Brosh arrive with military backup in order to assist Izumi. In the series epilogue, Izumi agrees to train Alphonse (who had been reverted to his ten-year-old human body) in alchemy again so he can one day reunite with Ed. In Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, it is revealed that in the two-year-gap, Izumi has finally succumbed to her illness and tragically passed away, but not before she sent Al away so he didn't have to watch her die. Wrath can be seen sleeping by her grave. Later, when Alphonse sacrifices a willing Wrath to once again open the gate of alchemy, Izumi is seen hugging her son. The two reunited in peace at last.

Lady Rose and Kunzite were on the second floor looking at the girls. Kunzite said that Sailor Moon used the Moon Tiara Action technique that was very similar to throwing a frisbee. Kunzite said that Sailor Moon would come and would surely fail the princess course. During the lunch training, Usagi slurped her soup. Edward told Usagi to drink it quietly. Usagi tried again but slurped it again. During the seminar, Usagi almost fell asleep. She thought it was just as bad as school. Lady Rose came and asked Usagi how she would offer coffee. Usagi tried to come up with some polite words, but all of the other girls laughed as she made a fool of herself.

Most of strength training is done with trunk flexion and extension with the occasional rotational movement medicine ball throw. The beauty of the bell is the ability to transition from movement to movement seamlessly which includes movements that take you out of the sagittal plane.

The day opened with bagels, juice, and coffee - high school and medical students share a love of free food - and then an introduction to a variety of medical careers. Physician assistant, nurse, pharmacist, EMT, physical therapist, and doctor all were described, along with the training required for each career.

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