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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Ilana Villanveua
Ilana Villanveua

Adobe Illustrator CS8 18.0.0 Final 64 Bit

Adobe Illustrator CS8 18.0.0 Final 64 Bit >>>

Adobe Illustrator CS8 18.0.0 Final 64 Bit

in this tutorial, yuzach will use the.eps format to create the work. start with the orangetheme file, which is already set up for rgb. here we will add some text to it, creating a little card that has a greeting that you can display on your website or app. create a new document in the.eps format, and drag the orange, text and blue files on top of it (just like in the previous tutorial). select the text layer and add the following text:

in this tutorial, yulia will create her own greeting. start by selecting a type of font, such as italic font, and choosing a color to match. then create a new document in format (save for the.eps format is not available when you create a new document). drag the orangetheme, orange and text files to the illustration document (the flattened layer). assemble the layers, then save the new document using the ai format. yulia will design her own card in a similar manner to the one shown in the previous tutorial, but she will place more text and have a different color theme. to introduce some more subtle variations in her art, she will also create a design with a drop shadow.

in this lesson, yulia will learn how to use the spark plug layer to replace text that is already present on an illustration. drag and drop the spark plug layer into the illustration. it is a good idea to save it first, as we will be using the original text layer in the next lesson. next, add some text to the spark plug layer. make sure that it is easy to read. the spark plug layer can be a good choice for small elements of text, or for lettering.

remember that you do not need to print proofs, nor do you have to make sure all your graphics are pixel-perfect. use the techniques you have learned and work in the ballpark of an acceptable outcome. your clients may not care what the file size is, they will just want something they can use for their purposes. the process of printing is not always easy to predict, and if your client does not need the final output until next week, you can be saving time and effort by making your final printing output be as big as possible. just keep in mind that your clients may want to print something on a smaller scale than you are designing for, and if you make the file too small for the printer to reproduce the file as intended, they may lose work and have to re-print. 3d9ccd7d82


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