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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Avery Hunter
Avery Hunter

Display Maid 3.2.5

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It allows you to save and restore window locations based on your display configuration. If you have a laptop with one or more external displays and are tired of rearranging your windows every time you connect/disconnect your display, then Display Maid is for you.

This was compared to the feeling of reassurance about the wellbeing of their unborn child when Moyo was used. The continuous signs from the monitor that the baby was doing well, and being able to hear the heartbeats from the monitor and see the FHR marked on the display enabled the women to experience for themselves that the baby was doing well. One woman, when asked what was different during this delivery compared to previous ones, said:

Moreover, two participants said that they felt they had received more attention from the health care provider when Moyo was used. One of these said that despite receiving less attention, she felt reassured about the progress of her child because she could see it on the device. It could seem as though the use of Moyo gave the health care providers more reason to attend to the mother if only to check on the device. Participants explained how the midwives came to look at the display of the device and left again without taking any other measurements or observations.

The and elements fulfil a similar role: they allow you to use classification categories defined in external classification schemes. If such a scheme defines categories in terms of subject headings, the element should be used to refer to those keywords; if the scheme defines categories in terms of classification codes, the element should be used. The classification scheme must be identified in the @scheme attribute, which contains a pointer to its declaration in a element inside the subsection of the encoding description (see section 3.2.5). 781b155fdc


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