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[S3E22] The Other Side Of This Life, Part 1


[S3E22] The Other Side Of This Life, Part 1

Cristina wakes up from voices in the living room. She opens the door and finds Burke talking to their mothers. Cristina's mother tells her to stop lurking and say hello to her guests. Cristina does so, and notices the whole apartment is filled with flowers. Cristina asks what they're doing here so early. Jane Burke replies they should've been here six months ago. Helen, Cristina's mother, says her daughter doesn't know what it takes to plan a wedding. Burke gives her a mug of coffee and tells her to breathe.

Inside, she gets on the elevator. A man rushes in. They stand next to each other and Addison starts laughing. She tells him that were she comes from, elevators tend to be this kind of aphrodisiac. Get on, and you get all horny. The man gives her a weird look, so she clarifies she wasn't talking about them. She's just relieved to be on a not-horny elevator. Just get on and ride, without the sex. The man gives her a look before getting off the elevator. Addison tells herself she's becoming a crazy, inappropriately chatting freak. "Becoming Seems like you're already there," a voice tells her. Addison looks around, but there's no one.

Addison arrives on the floor and sees a screen promoting a book. She laughs and walks up to the receptionist. She wants to tell him who she's looking for, but then sees Maya sitting in the waiting room. She can't believe how big Maya's gotten. Then Naomi, Maya's mother, comes over and tells Maya she's gonna be late for school. She then sees Addison, who hugs her. Addison is paying a surprise visit. She tells her she drove all the way to L.A. and had a psychotic breakdown in the elevator. Naomi doesn't seem too excited and tells Maya to get her backpack. She asks Addison what she wants. Addison missed her. Naomi finds this difficult to believe, as she hasn't heard anything from Addison for over a year, except for a Christmas card. She tried everything to contact Addison. Addison asks her to let it go, because she's been through a rough time after her divorce. Naomi informs her she got divorced as well. Addison can't believe she and Sam divorced. "Addison!" a man calls. It's Sam, who comes over after kissing Maya goodbye. He hugs Addison, who starts teasing him about his book, Body Language. A woman tells Dell, the receptionist, to push her appointment. She's going to rescue Cooper now. Sam introduces her as Violet, the practice's shrink. Violet walks down the stairs, mumbling she's Cooper's colleague, not his chauffeur. Sam enthusiastically starts talking about the practice, but Naomi asks to excuse them for a minute. She and Addison walk past Pete, the man Addison was on the elevator with. He asks Sam who the hot, possibly insane redhead is. "Don't even think about it," Sam says.

The next morning, Addison walks into the practice kitchen and announces that Lisa's baby has placenta accreta. It makes delivery dangerous for both mother and baby. The weird thing is that the baby has genetic markers that don't match Carol's. The embryo didn't implant, which means that paternity is once again up for grabs. Addison wants to go to the beach, but Cooper asks her to tell Lisa since he has low people skills with people older than 12. Violet confirms this and shares that an Internet hooker stole his car.

Burke arrives at the bridal shop. As Cristina walks up to him, the mothers agree she looks good in the dress she's wearing. Cristina paged him here. She clarifies she is not wearing this dress. His mother booked a chapel that sits 200 people. She also hates the candy cotton color bridesmaids dresses. She asks what happened to their small ceremony. He didn't think she was serious about that.

Addison stops by Naomi's office to tell her she's finally going to the beach. Naomi stops her because her test results came in. Addison says that is good news, because she decided to go for the physicist guy. Naomi tells her her FSH level is high and her antral follicle


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