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Virtual Pc 5.0 Serial Number ~REPACK~

The software activations are locked to the virtual machine using the serial number of the hard drive. You can also choose to lock it to the MAC address of the virtual machine. Are either of these two things something that can be customized and edited using VMWare? Will they automatically change if I host the virtual machine using a different Virtual Server?

Virtual Pc 5.0 Serial Number

I've looked inside the .vmx files (currently using a mix of VMWare Workstation 7 and VMware ESXi 4.1) and I didn't see anything in either of the files that looked like a MAC addresss or a Hard Disk serial number.

I am also dealing with AssetCentre which we have virtualized in VMware and have bound to the disk serial number. I've been trying to figure out how to display the disk serial number. Thanks for the information on how to do that within FactoryTalk. I also finally found that just doing a DIR in a command prompt in any folder on that drive shows it at the top.

I just cloned our server to another Cluster and it appears that the disk serial number stayed the same. Also, Microsoft Sysinternals provides a free tool VolumeID to change the disk serial number -us/sysinternals/bb897436.aspx. I tested it and it did successfully change the serial number which FactoryTalk noticed after rebooting. Based on my testing of the clone I don't think that I will need it, but I wanted to see if it worked.

So I found out that VMware changes Hard Disk serial number (8 character Alpha-Numeric code somehow bound to a Hard Drive or Volume) when you make a clone, and I haven't found a way to manually change it back. So... using the "DISK_SERIAL_NUM" for the Host ID is a bad idea for Rockwell products running on VMware (even though they will still recommend it).

Since the MAC Address is the only thing I know of that you can manually configure in ESXi on a virtual machine, we reworked our activation's and now they're all bound to the MAC address of the primary network adapter.

Description: URsim is made for the Linux operating system. For running the simulator in another operating system, a virtual machine is needed. A virtual machine is basically just a program, where multiple operating systems can be installed, including Linux.

For easy convenience for non-Linux users, a virtual machine has been created for UR users. This contains a simulator for UR3e, UR5e and UR10e. It is not possible to run more than one simulator simultaneously.

6. If an error saying 'Hardware acceleration is not available' is shown then it may be required to reboot the Windows computer into BIOS setup and enable hardware access to Virtual Machines and then restart Windows, VirtualBox and the virtual machine.

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