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Dolphin Emulator Bios Download Fixed

So what is EmuDeck? EmuDeck is a tool (more precisely, a script) that you can download/install which greatly simplifies the installation of 160 emulators and supporting utilities to your Steam Deck. It also pre-configures all the controls, aspect ratio settings, etc. so really there is very little configuration required on your part to get up and running. That said, many will prefer to have step-by-step instructions, additional tips, assistance with a few stubborn features and commentary.

Dolphin Emulator Bios Download

After installing Dolphin Emulator, you can download Gamecube ROMs or Wii ROMs from Hexrom to get started. It is free, open-source, and community-developed. Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator and Wii emulator and is currently the only one that can play commercial games.

While you could download all the emulators and Retroarch by hand, there is a simpler and much easier way! EmuDeck is a script that will automatically download every emulator and configure them specifically for the Steam Deck hardware and gamepad. The best part is, it is super easy as well.

After it is done, it will bring up a window saying "Yuzu is not configured", just hit ok and ignore it. This message is talking about needing keys for the Yuzu/Switch emulator, which is not something we can provide or point in the direction to. Then, it will give you a little prompt showing where to put your games and bios, as well as giving a prompt to open Steam Rom Manager. We will circle back to it, so just hit "Exit" for now.

BIOS files are proprietary files that are needed to run games on certain emulators. These files belong to their respective owners and aren't included when downloading the emulator. SDHQ can't provide the location to these BIOS files and we encourage you to dump them from their respective consoles that you own. When you have your files, you will put them in their respective folder inside the BIOS folder and into their corresponding folder depending on the system.


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