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Nandhipurathu Nayagi: A Novel of Love and Mystery in Tamil

If you are a fan of historical novels, you may have heard of Nandhipurathu Nayagi, a popular Tamil book by Vikiraman. This novel is a sequel to the famous Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy, and it follows the adventures of Raja Cholan and his beloved Nandhini, who is also known as Nandhipurathu Nayagi.


In this article, we will give you an overview of the novel, its plot, characters, and themes. We will also tell you where you can find the novel online in PDF format for free.

What is Nandhipurathu Nayagi about?

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a historical romance novel set in the 11th century AD, during the reign of Raja Raja Chola I, one of the greatest kings of South India. The novel depicts the love story of Raja Cholan and Nandhini, who is the daughter of Veerapandiyan, the king of Pandya kingdom. Veerapandiyan was killed by Raja Cholan's father Sundara Cholan, and Nandhini swore revenge on the Chola dynasty.

Nandhini grew up in Nandhipuram, a secret city built by her father in the forest. She was trained in martial arts, music, and literature by her loyal followers. She also learned the art of disguise and deception from a mysterious sage named Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan, who was actually her uncle. She became known as Nandhipurathu Nayagi, or the heroine of Nandhipuram.

Raja Cholan met Nandhini when he was on a pilgrimage to Thiruvaiyaru. He was captivated by her beauty and intelligence, and he fell in love with her. He did not know her true identity or her hatred for his family. He also did not know that she was secretly plotting to overthrow his empire with the help of some traitors and enemies.

The novel narrates how Raja Cholan and Nandhini's love faced many obstacles and challenges, such as political intrigues, wars, assassinations, betrayals, and misunderstandings. It also shows how they overcame their differences and realized their true feelings for each other.

Who are the main characters in Nandhipurathu Nayagi?

The novel has a large cast of characters, both historical and fictional. Some of the main characters are:

  • Raja Cholan: The protagonist of the novel. He is the son of Sundara Cholan and Vanavan Mahadevi. He is a brave, generous, and wise king who expanded his empire to Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, and other countries. He is also a patron of arts and culture, and he built the famous Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.

  • Nandhini: The heroine of the novel. She is the daughter of Veerapandiyan and Kanchana Devi. She is a beautiful, talented, and courageous woman who seeks revenge on the Chola dynasty for killing her father. She is also a master of disguise and deception, who can charm anyone with her words and actions.

  • Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan: A mysterious sage who guides Nandhini in her mission. He is actually her uncle, who escaped from Sundara Cholan's prison after being accused of treason. He is also a friend of Raja Cholan's uncle Aditya Karikalan, who was murdered by unknown assailants.

  • Aniruddha Brahmarayar: The prime minister of Raja Cholan's empire. He is a loyal, wise, and powerful minister who manages the affairs of the state. He is also a friend of Raja Cholan's mother Vanavan Mahadevi.

  • Kundavai Piratti: The elder sister of Raja Cholan. She is a princess who lives in Pazhayarai with her brother Arulmozhi Varman. She is a kind-hearted, intelligent, and influential woman who supports her brother's rule.

  • Arulmozhi Varman: The younger brother of Raja Cholan. He is a prince who later becomes Rajendra Chola I after his brother's death. He is a brave, ambitious, and adventurous warrior who leads many expeditions to foreign lands.

  • Azhwarkadiyan Nambi: A spy and an emissary of Raja Cholan. He is also a devout follower of Vaishnavism, a sect of Hinduism that worships Vishnu as the supreme god.

  • Thirumalai Appan: A commander-in-chief of Raja Cholan's army. He is also a friend of Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan.

  • Maduranthakan: The son of Aditya Karikalan and Uttama Chola's sister Kundavai Nachiyar. He is a weak and timid prince who is manipulated by Nandhini and her allies to claim the throne.

  • Sembian Madevi: The widow of Uttama Chola, who was Raja Cholan's uncle and predecessor. She is a pious and respected woman who lives in Kadambur with her son Maduranthakan.

  • Vanathi: A maid-in-waiting of Kundavai Piratti. She is a sweet and innocent girl who falls in love with Arulmozhi Varman.

How to read Nandhipurathu Nayagi online for free?

If you are interested in reading Nandhipurathu Nayagi online for free, you have a few options. One of them is to visit the Internet Archive website, where you can find a scanned copy of the novel in PDF format. You can download it or read it online using the built-in viewer. The link to the novel is here.

Another option is to use the Google Play Books app, where you can find an ebook version of the novel by Vikiraman. You can read it on your PC, android, or iOS devices. You can also highlight, bookmark, or take notes while reading. The link to the ebook is here.

A third option is to visit the Tamil Books PDF website, where you can find a PDF copy of the novel by Vikiraman. You can download it or read it online using the embedded viewer. The link to the novel is here.

Why should you read Nandhipurathu Nayagi?

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a novel that will appeal to anyone who loves historical fiction, romance, mystery, and adventure. It is a novel that will transport you to a different era and culture, and make you witness the events that shaped the history of South India. It is a novel that will make you admire the characters for their courage, loyalty, intelligence, and passion. It is a novel that will make you feel the emotions of love, hate, joy, sorrow, and hope.

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a novel that will enrich your knowledge and appreciation of Tamil literature and culture. It is a novel that will inspire you to learn more about the history and heritage of Tamil Nadu. It is a novel that will entertain you with its captivating plot and style.

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a novel that you should not miss if you are looking for a quality reading experience.


In conclusion, Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a novel that deserves to be read by anyone who loves historical novels, Tamil literature, or simply a good story. It is a novel that will take you on a journey through the 11th century AD, and make you witness the love and conflict between Raja Cholan and Nandhini. It is a novel that will introduce you to the rich and diverse culture and history of Tamil Nadu. It is a novel that will keep you hooked till the end with its twists and turns.

If you are interested in reading Nandhipurathu Nayagi online for free, you can visit the links provided in this article. You can also find other novels by Vikiraman and Kalki Krishnamurthy on the same websites. You can also check out the reviews and ratings of the novel on Goodreads, where you can also join the discussion with other readers.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy reading! d282676c82


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