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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers

PlanSwift 9.5 Full Version Free Download With Keygen

i am extremely excited about using planswift. i can tell this program has a lot to offer. my staff loves using planswift and, after the first week, we could not live without it. after using the trial for 2 weeks and learning how to get the most use from the program, i would highly recommend planswift to anyone who is planning to build a new home.

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my compliments to the developer who constructed this on-line estimating program. i would like to recognize the concept of being able to buy software that you can use quickly without having to install and get on a computer. i think all home builders should be given such a program as planswift.

we started using planswift on a home we are building and find the entire estimating process is extremely streamlined. from the plan check to the project completion, you plan it, you break it down, you note it all in the software and you place it into the build process. there is very little paper work at all. definitely a time saver! we love planswift and recommend it to all home builders.

ive got to tell you, planswift beats all the free software we have tried so far. i am still learning how to use it, but i did get a finished takeoff a few days ago. i am about to estimate a small addition and see what it does. i know i will need some refinement before i use it for a larger job, but so far, i can envision no reason why planswift would not be the tool of choice for me and my staff.

like most home builders, i didnt try planswift until the builder saw my estimate and called me with complaints. i knew planswift was the answer to all my problems with the estimating process, but i needed to learn how to use it. i do not recommend it for a beginner and there are several things to remember if you are trying to get started.


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