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InstantMask Pro 3.0 Portable - How to Remove Background from Any Image in Seconds

instantmask pro 3.0 has a simple interface that is accessible to anyone without any artistic knowledge or experience. when using instantmask pro, your main task is to select an area to be removed and make the required adjustment in terms of brightness/contrast/rotation. tasks like this can be easily accomplished using the b&w tools. the program offers the collage mode, which can be used to recreate new backgrounds.

InstantMask Pro 3.0 Portable

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instantmask pro is the most versatile tool in this collection. the interface, while complex, is intuitive and easy to navigate. there are three different modes available in instantmask pro - object, surface and edges. this article will cover using objects, as the other two functions will be covered in their own articles.

instantmask is easy to use, and its interface brings back some nostalgia for the good old windows 95 days. on the downside, while you can use the zoom in/out buttons to get a more precise outline, it does take quite a bit of manual tracing to remove the background just right.

picture cutout guide lite is another freeware that you can use to remove background of photos very easily. just like instantmask, it also focuses on cutting out various objectsin a photo. iwill use this feature of picture cutout guide lite to remove background of a photo.

instantmask comes with three packages, as well as an in-built help section. the free edition is the one that is included with your download. the basic version of the software allows you to create a sketch of an object, which can be pasted into other images.


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