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Castor Panfilov
Castor Panfilov

Mouse Guard Rpg 2nd Edition Pdf 50

Characters drawn by Jon Ying (yes, the Imperial Assault and DOOM Jon Ying) from the Mouse Guard campaign he ran. My mouse is the frowny one carrying a bow and arrow. You can see more of his artwork here.

Mouse Guard Rpg 2nd Edition Pdf 50

Our platoon leaders assessed the threat from each of those sectors and, armed with that info, we knocked holes in the adobe walls surrounding our outpost and positioned our M240 machine guns, M249 SAWs, 60-mm mortars, and 84-mm RAWS where we thought they'd have the best field of fire to deal with the potential threats surrounding us. Major Dan had 1st Platoon set up in the intact house, and our platoon, 2nd, set up south of them, in the rubble that was once a house. That meant that 1st Platoon would be responsible for a field of fire north from nine o'clock to three o'clock, while our platoon would have a field of fire south from three o'clock to nine o'clock. Our platoon leaders made guard assignments for the night and posted the first round of guards, and the rest of us finally grabbed a few hours of sleep.

PERSONAL: Son of Deborah Toles and Jefferson Edwards ... involved in People to People Ambassador program, traveling to Washington, D.C. while he was in high school ... use to perform in plays during grade school, doing ballet, in the Nutcracker (mouse, Russian) ... major is Communications.


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