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Salesforce And Apple Team Up To Transform Your CRM !FREE!

Accenture is combining its leadership in industry and digital transformation with the power, simplicity, and security of Apple products to help businesses unlock new revenue streams, improve customer experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Accenture has created dedicated Apple practices within select Accenture Digital Studios where development experts are colocated. Working together, the team helps enterprise clients transform how they engage with customers using iPhone and iPad.

Salesforce and Apple team up to transform your CRM

This will give you better coordination between the various departments and stages involved in the sales process. An integrated system can also transform your organization into a lean enterprise. For example, manufacturers can leverage CRM data to develop a pull-production system that aligns production and inventory with demand to slash inventory waste.

About SalesforceSalesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360 view of their customers. For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit:

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Cognizant designs, builds, implements and runs enterprise integration platforms that include built-in, reusable, standard APIs for most industry and enterprise applications helping you become a composable enterprise. We include an API store, providing best practice integrations and those built for your custom applications. This approach delivers cost and complexity reductions while enabling digital transformation programs, improving speed to market, enabling real-time access to data connecting edge and IoT devices, and ensuring data quality, security, and compliance.

In the digital age, enterprises are looking to deliver compelling customer experiences, automate processes and optimize operational costs. Customer service, sales effectiveness and operational excellence have emerged as the key paradigms of digital transformation. You need an end-to-end low-code/no-code platform for creating dynamic, scalable, multichannel solutions that encourage your customers to interact, purchase and stay engaged through their journeys.

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At TANK New Media, we've worked with quite a few companies over the years that made the switch from Salesforce to HubSpot for various reasons, including Salesforce being too big or confusing for their teams to use. We know you're looking to avoid or remove any friction in your process, so here are a few things that would be helpful to understand about HubSpot as you make the switch.

While these nuances between the systems may seem small, it changes the way you interact with your data from collection to lead assignment to closing a deal. For your team to have a successful switch, they should understand the difference.

As mentioned above, switching from Salesforce to HubSpot is exciting. HubSpot is a user-friendly CRM that does not intimidate sales teams. Once your data is moved over, you will have your team up and running on the system in no time. If you would like to discuss your Salesforce to HubSpot move with one of our experts, please connect with us. We would love to help. Set up a free, no-obligation HubSpot consultation with our team today.

One of the most difficult decisions in this process is deciding what approach to take to begin with. On the one hand, you could hire a team of developers to build out your own custom system. You might even have the team in house. On the other hand, you could buy a solution ready made for your industry and targeted specifically at your type of business. On yet another hand, you could also buy a larger, customizable solution like Salesforce. In this post, I will demystify these options, and give you some of the pros and cons to consider!

Building your own business software is best suited to large teams with a strong, dedicated group of IT professionals and developers, and with it comes the promise of near infinite flexibility. A homegrown system can be built leveraging any programming languages, servers, and technologies your team has access to, meaning you have complete control over the entire application on every level.

What CRM software to choose from? How to prepare for a CRM implementation project? What should you do to ensure your team actually uses your CRM software? Our team will be happy to share our opinion on all these questions.

If you need software development help to build web, mobile, and desktop apps based on your project requirements and preferences, you can delegate this task to experts from our sister website and focus on your other project aspects. Moreover, you can select the level of control over your project with our onshore, offshore or mixed engagement models to get the optimal team composition and cost structure.

Thankfully, getting up and running with the Sprout Social Salesforce integration can be done sooner rather than later. Our platform makes it a breeze to beef up your tech stack while bringing your team closer together.

If all of this data is spread out in different databases and content management systems, your teams will be unable to respond to customer demands as they arise. If the information is funneled into the CRM software, your teams can manage customer interactions from a single place.

For example, if a prospect reaches out in response to an ad campaign, a member of your sales or marketing team probably uses a response template to follow up and determine if the lead is qualified. If a user fills out a form on your website, you probably add them to a newsletter list. If a salesperson holds a meeting with a prospect, chances are you want them to log that meeting.

These are all repeatable and predictable tasks. They are also processes that require clerical work. Whether a sales employee is manually logging details of a meeting and updating a database or a marketing team member is adding an email to a marketing automation list, the manual task, even if it only takes a moment, is another thing your team members have to worry about. CRM automation tools eliminate much of that clerical work.

When your CRM software automatically identifies duplicate data, your users spend less time logging customer details. When the CRM solution tracks calendar details to record when meetings took place and who attended them, sales team members can log recaps faster. These types of efficiency gains help employees spend less time focused on clerical work and more time working with customers and prospects.

Getting your sales team to work at its best is central to a CRM platform. These systems automate key sales processes by tracking deals in real time, automatically logging data at various points in a transaction, providing the background details needed to configure products and offer quotes, and tracking interactions at all stages of the pipeline.

For example, you can use a CRM system to build a new sales automation workflow. Doing so typically requires that you select tasks, users, and data sources to trigger specific reactions. You can set up a workflow where every time a salesperson on your East Coast team responds to an email from a certain client, the manager is notified. This lets you maintain visibility into key accounts with less clerical work.

CRM software is generally built to be modular in nature, featuring different elements that focus on a specific team or process. This makes it easier to organize your data and operations within the CRM system and can allow you to pick and choose modules based on your needs and budget.

You can probably handle most basic user education with your own team, but CRM providers may also offer to bring in their own training support for some of the more nuanced capabilities of the system.


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