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Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez

Wp Auctions Pro Nulled 37 ((FULL))

MT Auction Lots addon for the iBid theme is finally here. The Auction Lots plugin will extend the current auctions functionalities from your iBid theme and will enable auction lots(Shared Timing or via Time Slots).

Wp Auctions Pro Nulled 37

Download File:

Q: Will there be options to set the auctions from the vendor dashboard(under products)? A: Yes. We are working to release an update with this feature very soon.

Q: Single Vendor Functionality? A: Yes. You can disable the multi-vendor functionality with one click only, by disabling the marketplace plugin (the admin of the site or the store manager will be able to add products / auctions).

Q: I want to list both shop products and auctions together? A: Yes. You can choose to mix the auctions and the products or simply list them separately in different pages.


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