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Hearing Things Game Phrases Printable

Similar to the name game, the player is given a category and is asked to name ten things that fit within that category. For example, you can ask the player to name ten colors, fruits, animals, or sports.

Hearing Things Game Phrases Printable

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Since teams are often passed the device with little time left they are forced to try to guess the phrase as quickly as possible as each point they earn moves them closer to elimination. This adds a frenetic pace to the game (especially when the timer starts ticking fast and you know you only have seconds left) and things can get exciting very quickly. To make things a little easier, each team may be allowed to skip one phrase per turn if they think it is too hard to describe in the time available. Each time the timer runs out, the team left holding the device can change the category if they so desire and must announce the new category to the group before starting the next round. The category cannot be changed once the timer has started.

In our CVC Word Game we focused on helping kids learn to blend and read basic short vowel words using a game that can be played independently or with a group. Once kids can read some CVC words word building mats are another fun and interactive way to help your kids learn new words. This free printable CVC word building mat is a great phonics activity for kids who know their letters and sounds and are ready to begin blending words. 350c69d7ab


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