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Ongoing Chakra Check-In Class

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Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson

The Gnomon Workshop €? Introduction To Maya 2019

This is a model of a house I'm working on with lots of megascans rocks and flowers. I'm creating this for an upcoming video series on Maya 2019 I'm authoring for the Gnomon Workshop ( -to-maya-2019) . The house is kind of intentionally generic so that it can serve for a wide variety of tutorial settings. Also its practice for me! I'm still working on textures for the house as well as other details. Also this will eventually be the setting for some insect animations I already have in the works. BTW I love Megascans!!!

The Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to Maya 2019

Autodesk released Maya 2019, and one of the more significant features is the introduction of a new cached playback engine. The system is targeting animators with the promise of shorter wait times and fewer playblast generation.


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