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This place is probably the most aristocratic region in Italy. Rome and Venice are famous for their incredible architectural masterpieces, the northern coasts for their crowded beaches and the southern areas for their democratic lack of restraint. And this place is a strict combination of two elements that can hardly be described. Majestic mountains rise here; they are bound together with cold lake water, mirrored in it and create the most impressive landscapes in the world.


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Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Europe; it is located 40 km north of the Italian capital. And real estate on its shores has always been popular with foreigners due to the mild climate, bright landscapes and the distance for tourists. Como is suitable for windsurfing, diving, sailing, fishing and rafting at the mouth of one of the rivers. Those who like to have fun on land will enjoy golf and horse riding. The nature around the lake is very beautiful. Vineyards, olive and pomegranate trees, cypresses are growing there. And all of these are on the background of high mountain slopes.

We are covering the following areas of the Lake Como real estate market: Menaggio, Griante, Tremezzina (Tremezzo, Mezzegra, Lenno and Ossuccio), Sala Comacina, Colonno, Argegno, Brienno, Laglio, Carate Urio, Moltrasio, Cernobbio, city of Como, Bellagio and surroundings, Varenna and surroundings, and some places in the 'Alto Lario' northern part of the lake.

On our site, you can also see the listings which we collate directly from private owners and construction companies. There are no multiple-listing services in the Como area, so we are providing a personalized searching tool for potential buyers.Lake Сomo is the pinnacle of Italy's luxury real estate market. Check out our luxury property section where we put the most exclusive villas and estates, and contact us should you have any questions or requests, as we may have some private 'pocket listings' available.

Set within an idyllic situation, with a backdrop of snow capped mountains and in verdant, wooded landscapes dotted with historic villas, Lake Como property is the perfect opportunity to buy into the very heart of Italian romance, passion and history.

Lake Como property provides a haven of tranquillity in the Lombardy area of northern Italy, combining outstanding natural beauty, towns packed with history and culture, and a wealth of attractions and activities. The area has long been a popular destination among the wealthy and aristocratic; from the Romans until the present day, with famous celebrities such as George Clooney and Madonna said to have owned Lake Como property.

Lake Como property can be found in any one of the towns and villages that nestle on the banks of this stunning lake. The town of Como itself is situated at the head of the lake, and its 400 year history is literally written on the magnificent architecture of the town, with awe-inspiring churches and historic villas lining the streets. Within the old walls are also a whole host of designer boutiques, street-cafes and restaurants in a perfect fusion of historic beauty and modern facilities.

Wherever you choose to buy Lake Como property, you can be sure of an idyllic location, surrounded by majestic hills and serene waterfront locations. There are some true gems of restauranteuring, serving the very best of fine Italian cuisine, palm-lined promenades, picturesque pavement cafes, and a vibrant nightlife. Lake Como property truly offers the very best of the Italian lifestyle.

There is also plenty for the more active wishing to buy Lake Como property. Avid golfers are always delighted by the range of courses in the area, and all are set within spectacular landscapes, and tennis is a particular passion of the locals. The Alps are within easy travelling distance of Lake Como property, and, of course, have extensive skiing facilities. Watersports of all descriptions are readily found on the banks of the mighty Lake Como, including speedboating and yachting, with mooring available in a purpose built modern marina.

1. Making the Offer to Purchase (Offerta)Once you have found the property you wish to purchase you will start the process by making a formal offer to the vendor, the estate agent will act on your behalf and put forward the offer, a deposit will be made available, generally around (10,000 - 20,000 EUR). Once the vendor has accepted the offer it will be formalised in writing to the vendor in both English and Italian. If this is accepted the deposit (Caparra Confirmatoria) will be paid to the vendor. This will form a legally binding contract. Neither party may withdraw at this point, the sale can be forced by either party or a claim for damages can be made. If the purchaser withdraws their deposit will be lost, if the vendor withdraws the purchaser can claim twice the deposit in compensation.

2. Signing the Preliminary Contract (Compromesso or Contratto preliminare)The next step will take place between 1 and 3 months after the offer has been accepted, this is a formal agreement between the vendor and purchaser to sell and buy the property, this agreement is the Preliminary Contract and will contain the conditions and terms of the sale. It is important at this stage that you have a full understanding of all the details contained in the contract. We would strongly recommend that you appoint a Notary who is fluent in English. This document will include the purchase price, a detailed description of the property including completion date and will cover any obligations placed upon the buyer and the vendor. All information relating to the property including any planning permissions for the property and the cadastral details (a public record, survey, or map of the value, extent, and ownership of land as a basis of taxation). Once the Preliminary Contract (Contratto preliminare) has been signed a further deposit (Caparra Confirmatoria) will be paid, this will generally be 10% - 20% of the purchase price. There will also be an estate agents Commission Fee (Provvigione) which will need to be paid at this point.

3. Signing the Final Deed of Sale (Rogito or Atto Notarile)The purchaser must have a bank account in order to make the purchase on completion. The signing of the final deed of sale which will authorise the transfer of the property must be overseen by a Notary (Notaio). The buyer will select and hire the Notary, but they are members of an independent body of public/professionals who will draft the purchase deed, they will oversee the passing of the title legally from the vendor to the purchaser. The Notary will also verify the legality of the documentation and registration with the Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari and the Local Land Register.

If you are not resident in Italy you will have to declare any income gained from activities in Italy to the Italian Tax authorities. This income will also have to be declared in your country of residence, you will need a double taxation agreement to mitigate against paying twice. This declaration will apply to any income you might obtain from letting a property in Italy. Some expenses incurred on the property may be off-set against the income you derive from letting out the property. This can include management expenses, local taxes, repairs etc.

There is one tax which applies only to holiday homes, there will be a 20% Capital Gain on the difference between the buying price and the selling price if the property is sold prior to 5 years ownership.

IMPORTANT - Disclaimer :All information provided is believed to be current and provided free of charge. No liability can be accepted for the reliability of the information and statements made as this is obtained from 3rd parties. We always recommend you take legal advice from a fully qualified Lawyer or Notary before buying a property overseas.

1. Although you have to follow few rules to buy a new villa or house in Lake Como but convenience is one of the key factors that would make you happy after occupying a property. Lake Como has the ease of three international airports at a driving distance of 40 to 60 minutes.

Ultissimo Property Search service is a highly professional property finding service for Lake Como which enables our clients to find the home of their dreams without wasting time and emotion on fruitless viewing trips. Our ambition is refreshingly simple: to show you very few properties.

We start by spending time understanding your requirements. We help you to shape those based on our expert knowledge of Lake Como and produce a full property brief that defines your exact requirements to start your property search. Only then will we begin to look at the whole market to find properties for sale on Lake Como that are likely to be right for you and help you to develop a suitable shortlist. We aim to leave no stone unturned.

Discretion is assured. We will not advertise the properties unless you specifically wish us to, and details will only be given to serious international buyers whose requirements mean that your property is a close match. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Do not expect a large number of viewings; our approach is completely different from that of estate agents. We will invest time in understanding your property thoroughly and may need to visit several times to ensure that we have all the measurements and photographs that we need. Because we work with our clients to develop a shortlist of properties that truly meet their requirements, most will see between two and five properties and buy one of those. So there is a good chance that a client who we bring to view your home will decide to buy.

Brendan and Maureen HehirBrendan and Maureen live in Chicago full-time. Brendan is a Chicago Fireman and Maureen is a Special Education Teacher in Mount Prospect. Lake Como is a very special place for the couple. In 2008, while on vacation, Brendan proposed to Maureen on the lake. A year later they bought the "Blue" house. Since then, they have had 3 children and love spending winter and summer weekends at the house. 041b061a72


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